Supporting Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Homeowner

Once you have purchased a home, our post-purchase/non-delinquency education and counseling can help you navigate life as a homeowner. Common issues like home maintenance and financial management are covered in this HUD-approved housing counseling and education service. Come talk to our counselors for help with, among other topics:

  • Avoiding predatory lending and other attractive traps of available credit as a homeowner;
  • Understanding common credit problems that could lead to delinquency and foreclosure;
  • Creating a realistic budget to lay a solid financial foundation;
  • Understanding property taxes and insurance; and
  • Protecting and maintaining your home.

Clients counseled were 2.83 times more likely to receive a loan modification and were 70% less likely to re-default on their modified loan.

— HUD Office of Housing Counseling Post-Purchase Counseling Fact Sheet

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