Overview of NID Housing Mortgage Default and Foreclosure Prevention Counseling and Education

NID Housing has been a proud partner of the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) Program spearheaded by NeighborWorks America. The goal of Mortgage Default/Foreclosure Prevention education and counseling is to help homeowners stabilize their mortgage payment through assessing homeowners current hardship and establishing an agreed-upon action plan in an attempt to cure the mortgage default or prevent foreclosure.

Homeowners will work on improving their finances and work with a counselor to prepare documents needed for a loan modification. Your counselor will: Assess your hardship, explain various workout options, provide budget counseling, assist with submitting your loan modification application, facilitate communication between you and your mortgage servicer, provide referrals to other supportive services, and more.

If you are currently in foreclosure, with a sale date within the next 30 days, we recommend that you schedule a one-on-one counseling appointment as soon as possible. Collecting documents and establishing efficient communication with your servicer takes some time; do not delay in getting started with one of our housing counselors!

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We can help you put together a plan to help with your mortgage payments. Fill out our in-take form, and we will match you with a counselor that is right for you.

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Counseled homeowners were nearly twice as likely to receive a cure for their serious delinquency or foreclosure as non-counseled homeowners.

— Urban Institute Report on effectiveness of foreclosure mitigation counseling.