HUD-Approved Housing Counseling and Education Services

NID Housing offers sophisticated and professional housing counseling and education services that exceed federal and industry standards and guidelines. The goal of each of these services is to understand your needs as a client, and provide a life-cycle of services and education so that you never have to be under-informed or disadvantaged in the marketplace.
NID Housing’s HUD-approved services provide the foundation for building and sustaining family and community wealth, especially in low-income and minority neighborhoods.

Online Homebuyer Education Course

NID Housing provides a thorough, engaging and easy to use Online Homebuyer Education Course designed to make your journey to homeownership convenient and accessible. Our Online Course allows you to get your certificate fast and also connect with a Local Counselor for a personalized one-on-one session to answer any questions. Sign up today to get started.

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Homebuyer Education and Counseling

NID Housing counselors and professionals offer information and guidance regarding readiness and preparation for homeownership. This may include, among other services, the search for fair housing, help in selecting a real estate agent, down payment assistance, and home inspection.

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Mortgage Default/Foreclosure Prevention Education & Counseling

If you find that you are having trouble making mortgage payments, we can help guide you through the process of loss mitigation, obtaining re-certification for a mortgage subsidy, and establishing reinstatement plans. Our education and counseling can explain the foreclosure process, discuss prevention strategies, and work with your servicer for the best outcome for your needs.

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Reverse Mortgage (HECM) Education and Counseling

For our advanced age clients, the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), or reverse mortgage, may be an appropriate option for drawing loan proceeds from accumulated home equity. We can help look at your specific situation to determine if such a loan product is right for you.

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Rental Housing and Financial Management Education Counseling

Find help on rental and financial literacy topics including, but not limited to: HUD rental and rent subsidy programs, other federal, state, or local rental assistance, fair housing, housing search assistance, landlord tenant laws, locating alternate housing, budgeting, credit report analyses, and debt management.

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Post-Purchase Education and Counseling

We can help you work through home maintenance and financial management including, but not limited to: escrow funds, budgeting, refinancing, home improvement, and the rights and responsibilities of homeowners. If you have a question with a home that you own, come see us.

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Intake Package Form

We would like to streamline the onboarding process of our potential clients by gathering information through this form.

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