Creating Housing Opportunities with National Mortgage Leaders

NID Housing grew out of a small group of real estate professionals with a long history of political and social engagement. We continue this tradition by partnering with major Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE). Our central purpose: To make decent housing more affordable for all.

Fannie Mae is proud to partner with NID, one of the nation’s leading housing counseling agency to increase homeownership for families.

Saving Homes in Detroit with Freddie Mac

NID Housing has partnered with Freddie Mac since 2014 on an innovative project to save homes in Detroit, MI. Our Borrower Help Center is a hub of homeownership and foreclosure mitigation assistance in downtown Detroit and bordering communities.

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Fannie Mae and NID Housing Bring Responsible Homeownership to Southeast America

As the economy recovers from the housing crash, NID Housing and Fannie Mae have developed a mortgage product for low-to­-moderate income households. This pilot project, “A Home of Your Own,” is ongoing in Georgia and Florida.

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