NID Housing Is HUD’s Largest Certified African-American National Intermediary of Housing Counseling services

NID Housing has been a HUD-certified National Intermediary of Housing Counseling services since the dawn of the federal program in the 1990s. Our organization’s original branch-office format certified by HUD has consistently proven itself to be the most effective and self-sustaining model in an industry that often lives and dies by the grant dollar.

Over the course of our relationship with HUD, NID Housing has offered in-person, one-on-one counseling and group education to over two million homebuyers, homeowners, and renters. The majority of these clients achieved and sustained affordable and fair homeownership and rental housing.

A glimpse at our statistics reveals that we are proud of our leadership in HUD’s Housing Counseling Program and as a major contributor to reforming existing programs and designing new ways to serve the American people.

Our HUD clients breakdown in the following demographics:

  • 84% Minority & Low-to-Minimum Wage Earners;
  • 62% Female Headed-Households;
  • 16% Clients whose first language is not English;
  • 6% over age of 65.

Our HUD-approved housing counseling and education results indicate the impact that our relationship with HUD has produced:

  • 97% of homeowners facing default avoided likely foreclosure;
  • 93% of homeowners previously in default now paying on time;
  • 77% achieve credit score increases of 120+points after attending Financial Literacy Counseling;
  • 65% purchased a home within one year of completing our Home Buyer Education Course;
  • 86% purchased a home within 24 months after receiving long term, one-on-one counseling;
  • 65,000+ Clients counseled annually;
  • 12,800+ first-time homebuyers served annually, averaged over past 25 years;
  • $2+ billion saved in home value during the most recent housing economic recession

Our private housing counseling program was a key model in the design of HUD’s National Intermediary Housing Counseling Program. We are proud to continue leading the way with HUD.

— Jacqueline Carlisle, Executive Director, NID Housing