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Ms. Bernadette Gerren is the Broker/Owner of Premier Professionals Realty which has provided stellar real estate services to her community for more than three decades. Being very passionate and dedicated to NAREB, Madam Bernadette Gerren serves as President, Women’s Council of Ohio standing as one of its Charter/Founding members.

This Realtist is a Certified HUD Housing Counselor and has recently been granted the commission as Branch Manager,  NID-HCA Trotwood. She also serves NAREB on the Board of Directors, ORA Director, Realtist Political Liaison and as Region VIII Assistant. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Ms. Gerren participated in the first year of the City School system desegregation plan, continuing to the University of Alabama and the University of Dayton.

Her employment with the USPS landed her in the Office of EEO as Chief Investigator, Appeals Coordinator and finally Acting Branch Manager. Bernadette has contributed significantly to team projects, collaborative efforts and achievements through her writing and speaking abilities. She has consistently volunteered her service, skills and talents by serving on many committees including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Government Affairs, Global Alliance, Grievance and Professional Standards, Credentials Committee, Equal Opportunity & Diversity and Community Service.

Bernadette Gerren proudly holds coveted Lifetime Memberships with the National Association of Colored People (NAACP) and also with the National Urban League.  Additionally, Ms. Gerren has the distinction of being a Founding Board Member of the Miami Valley Fair Housing Center, Dayton, Ohio.

If I can help somebody, as I pass along then my living shall not be in vain.

– Alma Andruzzo


4000 Lake Center Drive, Trotwood OH 45426

b.gerren@nidhousing.civem      |     +1 (937) 589-0155