Workshops **Multiple Dates**

January 1, 2018

Basic Homebuyer Education Workshop
NID’s Basic Homebuyer Education Workshop meets HUD standards while providing group education to clients in the areas of Evaluating Mortgagor Readiness, Fair Housing Education, Budgeting for Mortgage Payment, Finding Alternative Sources of Credit, Money Management, and Identifying and Avoiding Predatory Lending Practices. NID clients leave the workshop with a good understanding of the responsibilities and rewards of homeownership. Partners are provided mortgage-ready clients that will be more likely to sustain their homeownership. Sixty-five percent of NID clients who attend Homebuyer Education classes purchase a home within one year of receiving education. View the flyer here.

Credit Improvement Workshop
In our Credit Improvement Workshop, NID client receive education on the importance of credit and how it relates to wealth building through homeownership. Topics covered include the “5 C’s of Credit”, Evaluating Types of Credit, the Cost of Credit, and Understanding Credit Reports and Credit Scores. Clients become more credit-worthy and thus more attractive to lenders and partners. View the flyer here.

Know Before You Go Workshop
NID’s Know Before You Go workshop empowers clients before they engage with a lender. Clients receive a free credit report, then sit with a counselor who reviews the credit report. The counselor determines homeownership credit readiness and debt-to-income ratio. General criteria for down payment assistance programs are discussed, along with the importance of a solid rental history showing on time payments. Elements of the Credit Improvement and Budgeting for Homeownership workshops may also be discussed. View the flyer here.

Down Payment Assistance
NID’s Down Payment Assistance provides education for how city, state, federal, and private down payment assistance funding opportunities may assist clients achieve their homeownership goals. Our counselors explain the down payment assistance application process along with general program requirements related to income, zip code, debt-to-income ratio, family size, etc. Also covered are general loan restrictions, grants, loan forgiveness programs, and closing cost assistance. Down payment assistance aggregators such as, HUD, and the National Association of Realtors are provided to clients. View the flyer here.

Events: – Open(s) and Partner Open House
NID hosts quarter Client Opens and Partner Open Houses at their National Office and other venues.

The Client Opens provide clients the opportunity to discover more about housing counseling and homeownership by hosting 10-15 minutes sessions by key players in the homeownership process: housing counselors, lenders, real estate agents, title companies, and home inspectors.

Partner Open Houses are held at the NID National office in Oakland, California. Partners are provided short presentations that give updates on workshop and client success stories during that quarter. Offers for additional opportunities are also provided. A short time for networking at the end of the session allows NID staff and counselors to answer one-on-one questions and schedule further meetings and presentations. View the flyers here and here.

Clinics – Ask a Counselor, Call-In, Drop-In days
“Ask a Counselor” days are hosted biweekly at the NID National Office. Clients may drop-in or call-in to receive basic counseling. If the counselor determines that more intensive counseling is needed to fully assist the client, clients are provided with disclosure forms to complete and a one-on-one counseling appointment is made for a future date. These short sessions reach clients that may not otherwise reach out to a counselor. This increases the number of clients served who will soon become homeowners, or who will save their homes.

You may view an overview flyer for all of our workshops here.