Free NID Certification Event

October 20, 2019

NID is offering a free certification to current NID branch managers and housing counselors at the M Resort in Henderson, Nevada.

Join us for three days of intense training designed for NID branch managers to understand the mechanics of operating a housing counseling agency according to NID and HUD guidelines. 

The certification is designed in two tiers. Tier 1 examines how to operate a housing counseling agency. 

Tier 2 supports the delivery of housing counseling and education. 

You’ll learn how to execute counseling and education programs with increased efficiency. Attendees will learn the proper and most effective ways to deliver one-on-one counseling and conduct group educations sessions, which address savings, credit debt and other obstacles and barriers to homeownership utilizing the latest industry tools, techniques and resources. Understand the review process of your HUD form 9902, Prep for the HUD Exam and much more!

Registration closes Friday, September 13, 2019

Register Now!

You’ll walk away with: 

  • How to successfully operate your NID branch
  • Increase fundraising potential 
  • Update your knowledge and skills 
  • Have fun! It’s a few days away from the office to improve your skills, learn new resources and connect with other NID branch managers and housing counselors
  • Continental breakfast and lunch provided 

Host Hotel

M Resort
123000 Las Vegas Blvd
Henderson, NV 89044
1 (702) 797-1000

What content do you want to see at the NID 2019 Certification?