Updated NID Housing Counseling and Education Protocols

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the many quarantine and “shelter-in-place” orders being issued by state governors, NID Housing and its national network of HUD-approved housing counselors must adapt.  We are working to rely solely on remote and virtual housing counseling and education so that our clients can experience an almost-seamless continuation of services. You can find information about our services in this confusing time and some updates and links for further information.

Be Cautious About Help Offered During This Time of Crisis

With the world seemingly turned upside down in a matter of weeks, there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty relating to homeownership, foreclosure, and rental housing.  Unfortunately, in times of great need and crisis, some will seek to benefit by preying on vulnerable people through scams and false promises.

NID Housing is a HUD-approved provider of housing counseling and education services.  We have been providing these services for decades, in cooperation with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.  This means that we are monitored and regulated by the federal government to ensure that our information, practices, and motives are in the best interests of you, the consumer.

If you receive snail mail, email, phone call, or any other communication regarding “relief” from mortgage payments or other promised housing-related crisis services, please contact an NID Housing certified counselor as soon as possible to discuss. Our branch office network directory can be found here.  If you do not find an office in your local area, or you cannot reach a local office, please contact us at the NID National Office by email (reception@nidhousing.com) or by telephone at 510.268.9792.

Remote and Virtual Counseling During Pandemic Protocols

To protect you and our counselors, our certified branch offices will be closed to face-to-face counseling, education, and information for the foreseeable future.  NID will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and HUD and tailor its services around the present circumstances, including the need for social distancing and all non-essential service providers to remain at home.

Fortunately, NID Housing is at the forefront of evolving technologies to serve mobility-challenged clients.  We have already been offering video and telephonic housing counseling and education services through secure and reliable technology platforms. Within the past two years, we have extended this capability to all of our certified branch offices.

Please contact your local NID Certified Branch Office and speak with a certified counselor to discuss remote and virtual counseling and education options.  Don’t worry if you feel less-than-confident with new technologies – our services are offered on intuitive platforms and our clients can be guided step-by-step through the process of obtaining services in the current circumstances, without violating health orders or jeopardizing their own health.

Links and Further Information

NID will post information relating to the COVID-19 response by the federal, state, and local governments, and nay emerging information related to the housing industry.  This list will be evolving on a daily basis and we encourage you to check back often for updates.

Please note: while we review all information linked, we cannot vouch for the reliability or accuracy of any of the information contained outside the NID website.  Any pages or documents that you view as a result of the information collated under this section is not warranted by NID or any of its Certified Branch Office Managers.  Please contact the source of the information, or NID directly if you are uncertain about the reliability of the information.

A landing page operated by the White House, CDC, and FEMA with information regarding the virus and the response by the federal government.  Resources include information for travelers, households, school, businesses, and what to do if you think that you are sick.

COVID-19 Response Page

This page contains information from a federal agency including News Releases, Fact Sheets, Rumor Control, and Frequently Asked Questions.

The CDC is a department within the Health and Human Services federal agency of the United States Government.  On this page, you will find information regarding the coronavirus, including statistics, symptoms of the virus, prevention tips, and resources.