Alvin Toney

Certified Branch Office Manager


  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling – HECM
  • Loan Modification
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Homelessness Counseling
  • Rental Assistance Counseling
  • First Time Home Buyer Classes and Counseling
  • Budget and Credit Counseling.


  • HECM
  • Certified Housing Counselor

Region: California / Riverside
Phone: (951) 399-4538

Alvin Toney is a devout family man who has raised both daughters on his own since 1991.
Alvin Toney has served in the elite armed forces of the United States Navy for 23.5 years
from 1978 to 2002. He retired as an Electronic Technician Chief Petty Officer, and he earned
a bachelor’s degree in finance and Banking and served as the Command’s Financial
Specialist Chief. This is where he began his love for helping service members and others
conquer all their financial needs through education.

He opened BST Realty and Mortgage Inc., Cay-Dar Development Services, Inc, and AGT
Property Management, Inc. In 2006, Alvin started a California Financial Lending company
that helped unlicensed people achieve their financial goals through originating mortgage

Always wanting to be a Blessing to others, Alvin Toney helped USA Homeownership
Foundation DBA Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP) since before
its inception in 2011 by traveling the country meeting with major banking institutions
bringing awareness to the needs of the Veteran community. Alvin helped organize, create
chapters, served on both State and National boards while helping to set legislative policy for
veterans and the organization. In 2019, Alvin Toney was the recipient of the highest award
that VAREP gives which is the Founders Hall of Fame Award.

Alvin Toney has served as the President of the Inland Empire Association of REALTIST,
under the umbrella of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers. He has held many
other positions with California Association of Real Estate Brokers as Vice President of
Education and Regional Vice President of Southern California creating solutions to help
increase Black ownership in his community and increase opportunities for his peers and

“Everyone should have two homes … one to live in and one to retire in”

– Alvin Toney

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