Richard C. Phipps

Certified Branch Office Manager


  • Pre-Purchase Counseling
  • Financial Literacy Counseling
  • Delinquency & Default Counseling
  • Non-Delinquency Post Purchase Counseling
  • Rental Counseling
  • Fair Housing 

Region: Massachusetts / Boston
Phone: (617) 296-3242

Richard Phipps is the Regional Vice President for the National Association of Real Estate
Brokers, Region 1, the New England State. Richard is recognized as an expert in the area of real
estate and finance. He held State licenses for mortgages, real estate, insurance, and certification
in personal and business taxes.

He serves as a branch director of NID Housing Counseling Agency in Boston, a HUD
intermediary providing services nationwide. He works diligently in this capacity to advance the
cause of democracy in housing for all. Richard is an investor, coach, TV host/celebrity and
producer, author, and accomplished national public speaker on matters related to personal growth
and wealth development. An outstanding individual with awards from local, national, and
international levels. He is the founder and CEO Of CFS Companies which caters to community
needs of housing, real estate, mortgage, and finance.

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