Andrea Wilson

Certified Branch Office Manager


  • Pre-Purchase Counseling
  • Homebuyer Education Certificate Course
  • Delinquency & Default Counseling
  • Non-Delinquency Post Purchase Counseling
  • Rental Counseling
  • Fair Housing Education
  • Community Development


  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Certified Counselor

Region: Maple Heights/ Cuyahoga
Phone: (216) 228-7174

Top professional in the Cleveland Ohio market with over a decade experience as a corporate accountant Andrea now runs a HUD Certified NID Housing Counseling Branch office. Andrea has helped many families across northeast Ohio become financially fit and learn the importance of owning real estate to create and build generation wealth. In addition, Andrea has worked with Case Western Reserve and NAACP to help educate students, staff, and the community on converting from renter to owner and how to overcome the barriers to home ownership.  Andrea is also the housing chair for Cleveland Branch NAACP.

Quality, affordable housing is a key element of a strong and secure community.

– Andrea Wilson

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